44 Badass Quotes to Unlock Your Potential

In life, we're all dealt a different hand of cards. But the cards you are dealt don't matter nearly as much as how you decide to play those cards. Below you will find 44 badass quotes that will inspire you to be better, live better, and take action.

How to Be Unpersuasive

If you want to be persuasive, spread ideas, and elevate causes, you need to avoid these 5 common mistakes that prevent you from being effective.

I Lost $50,000 with One Bad Investing Decision. Here’s What I Learned.

After losing $50,000 in the market with one bad investing decision, I created this written strategy to help me avoid such costly mistakes in the future. This investing guide is my attempt to learn from and make meaning of my experience. It outlines my investing beliefs, principles, and strategy.

15 Inspiring Quotes Kobe Bryant Left With the World

Kobe Bryant is dead. In his 4 decades on this planet, he showed the world how focus, determination, and an invulnerable will lead to mastery. Here are 15 of his quotes that will inspire and empower you to be better.

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