Why You Should Stop Reading the News

I stopped consuming news 3 years ago, but was this the right decision? This article explores why we consume news, problems with news in the digital era, and how we can move forward as conscious consumers.

15 Questions to Deepen Friendships

This article outlines 15 thought-provoking questions that you can ask colleagues, new acquaintances, and old friends to help deepen your relationships.

How to Build More Meaningful Relationships

As humans, we have many cognitive biases that limit our ability to build meaningful relationships with others. I explore 4 of those biases in this article and discuss how you can overcome them.

I Will Make You Proud: A Eulogy for My Mom

My amazing mom, Sheri Rosser, took her own life and passed on my birthday. This is the eulogy I delivered at her funeral to remember and celebrate the 25 years we spent together.

5 Questions to Win Every Morning

The morning is your opportunity to get the day started on your terms, and it’s too important to leave up to chance. This article discusses 5 questions that will help you dominate every morning.

Lessons Learned from Poverty and Wall Street

This is a story about how growing up in poverty and making career decisions while working on Wall Street taught me the value of starting with why and creating a narrative that works for you.

You Have a Choice

As humans, we have the unique capacity to choose our response to any set of circumstances. This article explores this fundamental principle and how you can use it to improve the quality of your life.

The Power of Mentorship and Paying it Forward

This is a story about Howard Sherman, a generous man, friend, and mentor. Through his actions, he helped transform my life and taught me the power of mentorship and paying it forward every single day.