My Story

imageI’m Calvin. I grew up in Orlando, Florida with just my mom. My dad was a drug addict and gambler who disappeared when I was two years old.

My mom and I had very little money, and we faced a steady stream of obstacles. But we endured the hard times together and made life work. 

As a kid, I was motivated to better my situation. I hated the world of scarcity, and I realized at a young age that while you can’t control the cards you are dealt, you can control how you learn from and react to those cards. 

So I did the only thing a kid can do – I worked my ass off in school and hoped that things would get better. And eventually, they did. With a lot of hard work, some luck, and support from a generous mentor, I landed a full ride to Princeton. This was a big deal. It was my opportunity to elevate myself out of poverty. It was my chance for a better life.

Princeton to Investment Banking.

image1Princeton opened my eyes to a new world. I studied and partied with the ultra-wealthy, got punched in the face academically, and traveled the world. 

I majored in public policy and conducted research on adolescent drug use and unemployment. Turns out that using marijuana as a teenager might not be such a good thing for your academic and financial future. Oops.

During my first year at Princeton, I took my first trip abroad. That initial trip fueled my curiosity about the world, leading me to spend a summer painting houses in Norway, a semester researching the Euro Crisis in Spain, and two months writing poetry and studying Portuguese in Brazil.

After graduating, I set aside my penchant for travel and started working for a big investment bank in New York City. I needed to find my financial footing, and that was the best place to do it.

Within months, I achieved a level of financial comfort that I had never experienced in my life. I no longer had to think about whether or not I could afford an afternoon coffee or a dinner with friends, and that was immensely liberating.

Banker to Startup Growth Hacker

hacker img

While I enjoyed my newfound financial stability, I quickly realized that a good paycheck was not enough. As a banker, I was spending 15 hours a day in a cubicle doing work that didn’t excite me for people who didn’t inspire me. And that sucked. 

So I planned my escape from the cubicle as soon as I could. I took a leap of faith and joined a startup in a marketing role for which I had no relevant experience.

The company let me work from anywhere in the world, so I reduced my life to a backpack, moved out of my apartment in New York, and bought a one-way ticket to Cartagena, Colombia.

Over the next 18 months, I went on an incredibly rewarding personal and professional adventure, traveling to 25 countries across 4 continents.

Along the journey, I helped grow a business unit from 0 to millions of dollars in revenue, read dozens of books that uncovered new intellectual interests, spent lots of time in nature, meditating, and learning new skills, met hundreds of awesome people, and more.

I felt more joy and gratitude during that period than any other point in my life. It was amazing, but eventually, I started seeking more. And after months of deep reflection, I decided that it was time for me to embark on a new journey.

Growth Hacker to My Mission


While I enjoyed my freedom and career, I realized that I wanted to start contributing to the world on a much deeper level. So I took another leap.  

I left the startup to create a path where I could devote all of my time and energy to helping others and paying it forward. Now I’m all in on that path.

I’m on a mission to empower 10 million people to live a more conscious and fulfilling life.

On my mission, I write about big ideas, unconventional living, and the art of fulfillment. While I’m not always right and certainly don’t have all the answers, I find meaning in sharing what I’m learning.

Through my work, I hope to provide you with ideas and resources that will help you create a badass life with more joy, less pain, and success as you define it.

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