Finding Meaning in Sudden Death

I lost my mom to suicide, my mentor to cardiac arrest, and my dog to cancer. These experiences came with deep suffering. In this article, I explore how finding meaning in my suffering has helped me move forward.

I Will Make You Proud: A Eulogy for My Mom

My amazing mom, Sheri Rosser, took her own life and passed on my birthday. This is the eulogy I delivered at her funeral to remember and celebrate the 25 years we spent together.

Lessons Learned from Poverty and Wall Street

This is a story about how growing up in poverty and making career decisions while working on Wall Street taught me the value of starting with why and creating a narrative that works for you.

The Power of Mentorship and Paying it Forward

This is a story about Howard Sherman, a generous man, friend, and mentor. Through his actions, he helped transform my life and taught me the power of mentorship and paying it forward every single day.