Sh*t You Don’t Learn in School Podcast

With Calvin Rosser x Steph Smith

Formal schooling does a terrible job of preparing you to thrive as an adult. The Sh*t You Don’t Learn in School podcast exists to make up for this societal failure. 

In this show, Calvin Rosser and Steph Smith share stories, insights, and resources designed to help you improve the quality of your personal and professional life. 

If works out, you’ll be 1% better at navigating life. Check out all of the episodes here.

“Steph and Calvin are the definitions of a power couple. Their podcast is smart and jam-packed with ideas that will stretch your brain in all of the right ways.”

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What listeners are saying

"So cool to hear two brilliant millennials share the latest in life, entrepreneurship, tech, and emotions. Digital nomad to crypto to monogamous relationships. Top pod for all millennials"

Really good
January 2022
"Steph and Calvin are intelligent and engaging hosts and I always learn something new when tune in. It’s clear that they put a lot of effort into the show 🙂 keep it coming!"
Super Insightful
December 2021
"I found this podcast via their Special Episode: Finding Meaning in Sudden Death. It’s a wonderful and powerful discussion about death and the grief and sorrow that comes after. It was so well done and compelling. We need more of these conversations. It helps to “normalize” something that we will all deal with — namely the death of a loved one."
Difficult Conversations Made Accessible
December 2021
"Calvin and Steph do a wonderful job of producing open, honest, and thought-provoking dialog in this podcast. This is not a typical podcast designed to push an agenda or narrative, and instead provides the audience with topics and discussion points that challenge the norm with an intent to stimulate positive change. When you listen you will find a wide range of great perspectives across a diverse set of topics with dialog that gets you to think out of the box."
Open, honest, and thought-provoking dialog
December 2021
"I’m enjoying this podcast and the sincere and thoughtful content on a variety of topics! It’s interesting to get a man and a woman’s perspective, too! Please keep up the great work!!"
Better world with this pod
December 2021
"Steph and Calvin are the definitions of a power couple. Their podcast is smart and jam-packed with ideas that will stretch your brain in all of the right ways."
Power Couple
December 2021
"I just discovered this Podcast and cannot get enough of it!! Each episode has such great insight, I learn something new every time. I just finished the 2 parter on the future of work and could not agree more with the predictions and opportunities you uncovered. The pace is great and to the point."
Love this podcast!
November 2021
"I love listening to Calvin and Steph on my walks in nature. They really make me re-think my life, especially my career choices. They’re very good at highlighting different views and arguments in a discussion, which makes every episode nuanced. Highly recommend this pod!"
This podcast makes me re-think life
October 2021
"Super listenable. It truly feels like the most salient parts of a longer conversation. Fun, fresh, and there’s insight after insight. Love that each episode is fairly short too."
Fun, delightful, and smart
November 2021
"Steph and Calvin cover modern issues that I wish I learned in school- like the history of the 40 hour work week, to how to live and work remotely. Lively and informative - no fluff 👍🙏"
Lives up to its name!
October 2021
"Shared insights for the digital nomads of the future. It’s awesome and you’d be silly not to listen!"
Actually helpful
October 2021
"Loved this episode and now I’m hooked! Thanks for your logical view that changed my perspective!"
Overcoming imposter syndrome
November 2021
"I found Steph through her appearances on MFM, then I started following her on Twitter (pure gold), and I found her podcast from one of her Twitter posts (throw that in your attribution numbers). She is so well spoken, has a great way of phrasing ideas, and clearly does her research. Best of luck Steph growing the podcast!"
Steph is brilliant
October 2021
"Really insightful, full of great insights. Some episodes I listen to twice because there is a lot of great nuggets to digest."
Great Information
October 2021
"A few things I love about this podcast: the format centers around a conversation between 2 people instead of interviews, so the episodes gain depth over time; the topics are broad, yet connected - so it doesn’t feel like I’m listening to the same conversations on repeat; both guests are knowledgeable and the podcast feels like an invitation, not a sales pitch. Looking forward to how it evolves over time!"
Smart, fresh takes on interesting topics
September 2021
"I came across Steph’s content when she volunteered for a webinar for an online course I am doing & was extremely impressed by her thought processes. This is genuinely my first ever podcast review but felt obliged to give 5 stars to the ‘rethinking productivity & how you spend your time’ podcast. There is plenty of noise out there on this topic but this is one of if not the best snippets of 30 minute content I’ve come across. Simple, actionable & relatable frameworks to absorb & implement. Awesome work!"
Phenomenal content
September 2021

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👨‍💻 Find more joy and meaning in your career.

🧠 Increase your daily productivity and fulfillment.

👋 Improve the quality of your relationships.

📚 Discover insights that help you solve problems.

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