Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship

A $500 grant empowering the next generation of extraordinary women leaders in tech.

About the Scholarship

From shaping our behavior, to shifting our beliefs, to redesigning our interactions, technology is rapidly changing the world. The rise of technology has created a wealth of personal and professional opportunities and the ability to leave a positive dent in the universe.

It’s critical that women be at the forefront of our tech-driven world.

Globally, women are significantly underrepresented in the tech sector. While many factors contribute to the gender imbalance in tech, it’s indisputable that having more women in tech will fuel innovation and lead to better social and business outcomes.

During my career in technology, I’ve benefited from having amazing female leaders who have increased my empathy, compassion, and effectiveness as a leader.

The Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship exists to move the tech industry in the right direction by empowering the next generation of extraordinary women leaders.

Note: Creating your scholarship is easier than you think. You can learn how to start a scholarship here.

Scholarship Details

The scholarship will be awarded to one high school or university student.

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The application deadline is May 30, 2022.  Winners will be announced on June 30, 2022. 
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$500 Cash Award

Life and school are expensive. The $500 award is designed to lessen the financial burden of life.

Pay it Forward

If you know someone who might be a good fit, encourage them to apply. If you win the scholarship, pay it forward by helping others.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the requirements below. Please read the requirements carefully to ensure you meet eligibility before applying.

How to Apply

You can apply for this scholarship on the Bold.org scholarship platform. To apply, you will need to write a 250-400 word essay about the following:

Tell us about one technology (new or old) that inspires you about the way in which technology can make the world a better place.

Meet Karen, the 2020 Scholarship Winner

I see design as a vehicle for me to help shape the future in a way that looks, sounds, and feels more diverse and more equitable.

Kara is such a deserving winner of the scholarship. Not only is she passionate and ambitious, but she is one of the most thoughtful people that I’ve encountered in my brief time on this planet.

Karen is pursuing a Master’s degree in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University. She discovered her passion for design while working with an organization to help people climb the socioeconomic ladder.

Karen uses her lens as a first-generation immigrant and woman to inform the perspective she brings to her design practice. She sees design as a vehicle for her to help shape the future in a way that looks, sounds, and feels more diverse and more equitable.

We need more people like Karen in the tech world! I’m so excited about what she will achieve over her career.

Scholarship FAQ

When is the scholarship deadline?

The application deadline is May 30, 2022. Winners will be announced on June 30, 2021.

What is the scholarship prize? 

The scholarship award is $500.

When will the winner be chosen and notified?  

The winner will be publicly announced on October 31, 2021. Prior to the announcement date, we may contact finalists with additional questions about their application. We will work with donors to review all applications according to the scholarship criteria. Winners will be chosen based on the merit of their application.

How will the scholarship be paid?

We will send the $500 award check to the winner’s academic institution in their name, and in the name of their institution (depending on the school’s requirements).

How will my application be verified?

Before we award the scholarship, the winner will be required to verify their academic enrollment status by providing a copy of their most recent transcript.

How can I contact you with questions? 

If you have any question about the scholarship, you can email Calvin at [email protected]

How will my application information be used? What are the scholarship terms and conditions?

Life Reimagined Ventures manages this scholarship with the support of the Bold.org scholarship platform. Bold.org takes student confidentiality and privacy incredibly seriously. Please refer to the application page on Bold.org for full details.

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