The Day I Heard the Birds Sing

In the midst of a burgeoning existential crisis, I heard birds sing on a remote Portuguese island. This is the story of how hearing that first birdsong changed my life for the better.

What Do You Want?

Figuring out what you want is the central task of adulthood, and it's not an easy one. Learn how you can better answer life's most important question.

Defying Cultural Gravity

People blame bad luck and political enemies for their dissatisfaction, but cultural gravity is the real culprit. This article explores how you can question the default path and defy gravity.

A Simple Investing Guide for Growing and Protecting Your Money

After losing $50,000 in the market with one bad investing decision, I created this written strategy to help me avoid such costly mistakes in the future. This investing guide is my attempt to learn from and make meaning of my experience. It outlines my investing beliefs, principles, and strategy.