A Simple Investing Guide for Growing and Protecting Your Money

After losing $50,000 in the market with one bad investing decision, I created this written strategy to help me avoid such costly mistakes in the future. This investing guide is my attempt to learn from and make meaning of my experience. It outlines my investing beliefs, principles, and strategy.

The Truth About Falling Out of Love

I fell in love with a girl during college, and after 5 years of dating, I broke off the relationship to travel the world. In this article, you’ll find my candid thoughts about the difficult process of falling out of love and moving on.

A Letter to My 18-year Old Self

In the last decade, I’ve moved from a poor kid in Orlando to a Princeton graduate and entrepreneur who travels the world. In this letter to my younger self, I give advice and lessons I’ve learned along the journey.

5 Lessons from My First Year as a Writer

I started writing to help people, and during my first year as a writer, I learned a lot more than how to write. This article explores 5 lessons I’ve uncovered that are applicable to anyone pursuing a creative endeavor.