Thanks for Applying! Here are more open scholarships.

$1,000 Equal Opportunity No-Essay Scholarship

This scholarship exists to support a student or non-student from any background who wants to improve their life and the lives of the people around them.

$1,000 "A Daring Path" No-Essay Scholarship

To encourage everyone to stop obsessing about their grades, this scholarship will support one curious and ambitious student who thinks outside of the box.

$500 "A Bold Life" No-Essay Scholarship

To encourage people to create an exciting life as they define it, this scholarship exists to support a student who will do what it takes to live life to the fullest.

$500 "A Courageous Spirit" No-Essay Scholarship

A scholarship to support a courageous and ambitious person from any field of study who wants to confront their fears to learn and grow.

$500 Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship

A scholarship designed to support mental health awareness and fuel innovative solutions. Open to all students and graduates.

$500 Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship

A scholarship to empower the next generation of extraordinary women leaders in the tech industry. Open to all students and graduates.