How to Make Friends as an Adult

Many adults are lonely and want more friends. This article explores how to make friends as an adult in a more fun and intuitive way.

The Nuance of Privilege

Privilege is our blindness to things that are visible to someone whose life is different from ours. This essay explores how and why we need to see the nuance of privilege.

The Truth About Falling Out of Love

I fell in love with a girl during college, and after 5 years of dating, I broke off the relationship to travel the world. In this article, you’ll find my candid thoughts about the difficult process of falling out of love and moving on.

The Subtle Art of Not Being Right

We are constantly blinded by our desire to be right, and while being right is often rewarded, it might not always be the right thing to do. If we learn to take a more open perspective, we might just find the answers that we are looking for.

Take Responsibility Instead of Assigning Fault

This article examines the critical difference between responsibility and fault. If you don’t understand this distinction, you will drown in misery when things don’t go as planned in your life.

Should You Try to Change People?

Have you ever had someone try to change you? If so, read this article, which explores our often misguided desire to change people and how we can adopt an alternative approach to inspire and motivate change.

15 Questions to Deepen Friendships

This article outlines 15 thought-provoking questions that you can ask colleagues, new acquaintances, and old friends to help deepen your relationships.

How to Build More Meaningful Relationships

As humans, we have many cognitive biases that limit our ability to build meaningful relationships with others. I explore 4 of those biases in this article and discuss how you can overcome them.